Arts & Culture

Gold Coast's vibrant arts and culture scene is as diverse and dynamic as its landscape. From bustling street art alleys to serene art galleries, and from high-energy festivals to intimate local music gigs, the region pulsates with creativity at every corner. This cultural melting pot offers a rich tapestry of experiences that celebrate the local heritage, Indigenous stories, and contemporary artistic expressions. Whether you're keen to explore the history woven into the architecture, dive into the local indie music scene, or experience the latest in digital art installations, the Gold Coast invites you to immerse yourself in its artistic and cultural wonders. Discover a place where traditional boundaries are redefined, and every visit enriches your soul with vibrant energy and inspiring encounters. 

HOTA, Home of the Arts

HOTA, Home of the Arts, is a central cultural gathering place on the Gold Coast, offering an eclectic range of arts, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Nestled within an evocative landscape, HOTA combines striking architecture with the natural beauty of its surroundings, making it a vibrant hub for creativity and community engagement. With a rich program that includes contemporary music, visual arts exhibitions, theatre performances, and cinema screenings, HOTA serves as a beacon for both local and international artists. 


It's a place where the community can come together to experience and participate in the arts, fostering a deep connection between the people, the place, and the cultural expressions showcased. 

Celebrating Arts & Culture

Bleach Festival illuminates the Gold Coast with a vibrant celebration of arts, culture, and community. Set against the city's unique landscapes, it features a diverse program of music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and outdoor events that reflect the dynamic spirit of the region. This annual festival invites artists and audiences to engage with thought-provoking performances and installations, fostering a sense of connection and creativity that resonates with both locals and visitors alike. Bleach Festival is a testament to the thriving arts scene on the Gold Coast, showcasing the beauty and diversity of this coastal city through a rich tapestry of artistic expression. 


The Big City Lights Festival is an awe-inspiring event that lights up the urban environment, blending art with cutting-edge technology. Through captivating light installations and projections, it invites visitors to see the city in a new light, fostering a sense of wonder and discovery. This festival not only beautifies public spaces but also promotes community engagement and cultural appreciation by transforming familiar landscapes into extraordinary visual experiences. 

Nurturing Creativity

Experience Gold Coast plays a pivotal role in nurturing arts and culture through initiatives like artist residencies, provision of creative spaces, and commissioning of public art. These efforts aim to cultivate a vibrant arts scene, encourage artistic exploration, and make arts accessible to a wider audience. Through these programs, Experience Gold Coast supports both emerging and established artists, fostering a dynamic cultural landscape enriched with diverse artistic expressions. 


Experience Gold Coast acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we are situated, the Kombumerri families of the Yugambeh Language Region. 
We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their continuing connections to the lands, waters and their extended communities throughout Southeast Queensland.